De Heilige Wet van Eén.

Christos Vincit     Christos Regnat      Christos Imperat 


Maria Berdina Johanna


Eternal Spirit  Prayer


Please Hold me and Enfold me...

In your infinite Love and Protection.

Please Still me and Full-Fill me... 

With the Beauty of your Peace.


Please Show me and In-flow me...

With the Wisdom of your Vision.

Please Know me and Bestow me...

As an Instrument of your Grace.


Let us Co-Create together...

in Harmony each day.

Let us Shine E'Lum'en-ed Essence...

To Forever Light the Way.


Ta A'jha-in-ta Do'-A

Ta A'jha-in-ta Do'-A

Ta A'jha-in ta Do'-A

(Ta A'jha-in ta Do'-A means So as it is Spoken, So as it is Done.)