De Heilige Wet van Eén.

Christos Vincit     Christos Regnat      Christos Imperat 

Eternal Spirit  Prayer


Please Hold me and Enfold me...

In your infinite Love and Protection.

Please Still me and Full-Fill me... 

With the Beauty of your Peace.


Please Show me and In-flow me...

With the Wisdom of your Vision.

Please Know me and Bestow me...

As an Instrument of your Grace.


Let us Co-Create together...

in Harmony each day.

Let us Shine E'Lum'en-ed Essence...

To Forever Light the Way.


Ta A'jha-in-ta Do'-A

Ta A'jha-in-ta Do'-A

Ta A'jha-in ta Do'-A

(Ta A'jha-in ta Do'-A means So as it is Spoken, So as it is Done.)