De Heilige Wet van Eén

Christos Vincit     Christos Regnat    Christos Imperat

Psonn of Khem-a-Lo-Ha-Tea



Once was a night of a far away dream

Once was a night when the candle fire burned

Once was a night when the Nightingale sing

Once on this night worlds were born


Once on a day when the sun shone it's brightest

Once on a day when the breezes rose high

Once on a day when the rivers klowed with sorrow

Once on this day worlds were gone


But today, in this moment in the heat of the fire

Burns a long-aching dream of life returned from the pyre

Oh com near, new life reborn

Come, come, rise from the waters

Come, come, rise from the sea

Reach forth heart of the lion

Ringing out from the ancient lands of destiny


Once were a peoples pure and of innocence

Once were a peoples loving and free

Once were a peoples alive with enternal light

Once were a peoples the Haialeai in Vectory


Once came a wind dark and cold from the lowly places

Once came a spawn of the fallen sun

Once when the rays of the demon spread suffering

Once stricken the Haieleai were done


But today in this moment in the warmth of the sun

Rise the long hidden people of the Golden-Silver one

Oh  come near-Haialeai reborn

Come, come rise from memory

Reach forth children of EI-Haialeai

Camelot awaits thee where the golden potals call


Now in a dream all the worlds that had gone away

Now in a dream walking forth to the dawn

Here in this dream reaching forth to the universe

And call to the port of our home


Come, come open the doorways

Come, come, let us be free

Here homelands so longed for

Sacred Khem A-Lo-Ha-Tea


Come, come open the doorways

E'-Ta A, e'- Ta, LA' -Ha Sha-Dem' -a


Come, come Let us be free

E'Ta A, e 'Ta, HE' -ma Ash-ra-DA'


Here, now we give our love to thee

Chrez-Ha-NA TU-e-t' a Deh......

Am-or-aea (Am-Or-A-a')


The homelands so longed for

Dur' -neth-room ar' a- HA'- Tea.